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We connect the protagonists of the hospitality branche

For more than ten years, CJN has been connecting investors, operators, developers, consultants, architects, specialist planners, interior designers and manufacturers - our hospitality triangle. Our community is continuing to grow quickly and reaching ever higher peaks. The synergies arising from joint innovative hospitality projects and inspiring events with efficient communication is how we achieve sustained success for our network.

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CJN Real Estate


By brokering operators, hotel properties, land and investors, CJN® Real Estate creates profitable synergies between the best in the industry. In this way, it is significantly involved in the success of the largest hotel projects in the German-speaking region.

CJN® Real Estate - your exclusive access to top-class real estate projects: for sustainable success, so that truly great things can come into being.

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Innovative event formats



CJN has brought a new sparkle to the hospitality network with innovative conventions.



The CJN workshops keep you up to date with current hospitality projects and the latest trends.


Emotional events

Networking with a fun factor: CJN offers many events for the greats of hospitality with a fun factor.



Our event calendar

 CJN Project WorkshopOrtenburg15.02.2024
 CJN The Cooking Network at NobiliaVerl14.03.2024
 CJN The Cooking Network / LiteraturhauscaféHamburg11.04.2024
 Salone del mobile Business Breakfast / Occhio, Walter Knoll, PanariaMailand17.04.2024
 CJN Workshop at AchattbaMai 2024
 CJN Project WorkshopOrtenburg07.05.2024
 CJN Project WorkshopOrtenburg26.08.2024
 Swiss Hospitality Investment ClubZürich05. - 06.09.2024
 CJN meets at OktoberfestMünchen23.09.2024
 Experts Lunch to Expo Real / KäferMünchen07. - 08.10.2024
 CJN Workshop at KaldeweiAhlenOktober 2024
 CJN The Cooking Network at DeliusBielefeldNovember 2024
 CJN Project WorkshopOrtenburg26.11.2024


Whether in an exclusive circle of 10 people or at rousing emotional events with 400 guests: In extraordinary locations, the top decision-makers of the hospitality industry meet top-class speakers and impulse-givers. You too can benefit from the synergy effects at CJN® events and trade fairs.


Experience the high art of hospitality in all its facets: Under this motto, the CJN® organizes exclusive workshops in the DACH region. Become a Superior Member and part of these top-class interactive events and benefit from bundled competencies and experiences from the hospitality industry. Because: Together we are even stronger!


By connecting operators, hotel properties, land and investors, the CJN® creates profitable synergies between the best in the industry. As a member of our BCC community, you gain exclusive access to decision-makers of high-profile hospitality projects.


With the help of the Claus Jacobs network, we have succeeded in equipping over 100 hotels a year with our doors and showers in the hotel door segment.


Claudius Moor
Member of the Group Management, Arbonia AG



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Success to meet you

Great people meet in Claus Jacobs Network CJN. That is how genuinely great things can be created! We delve deeply into an exchange of information with enthusiasm, ease, and energy. We bring people together, generate synergies, and create success—now and for the future! 

We are now elevating the prestigious Who’s Who of Hospitality to the next level. Isaac Newton, one of the most well-known mathematicians and physicists, once said: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Our wish: To generate that reaction of enthusiasm and assertiveness to make great things happen! 

Thank you for your trust and commitment to our network and to the hospitality industry!

An exclusive circle within the hospitality industry


Black Card holders gain access to the best and most high-profile industry events as well as the popular in-house CJN events. The MatchMaker format, which is unique in its class, is a finely tuned meeting of the great movers and shakers of the hospitality scene in an intimate atmosphere with guaranteed matches.


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An exclusive circle of decision makers from the hospitality industry managed by the CJN mastermind Claus Jacobs comes together to form a unique network—the Black Card Community. Alongside CJN events and access to the member platform, you can expect exclusive project workshops and tailor-made strategies for social media.

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