Claus Jacobs Network

Your strong network in the hospitality industry

CJN has developed very personal rules of the game for the communicative networking of policy makers from the hotel industry.

The motto is: “When joy and energy drive our actions, the gathering of creative people enables moments in which unique things can be shaped.”

This aspiration has become increasingly important to Claus Jacobs over the past sixteen years.

In 2006, he and his like-minded partner, Ron Imelauer, came up with the idea of creating a network for the top hotel industry. CJN has grown rapidly since then and is now one of the leading network organizations in the hospitality industry. This is demonstrated by the partership with the German Property Federation (ZIA) and the renowned “hotelbau” trade journal.


For Claus Jacobs, the goals of his network are quickly summed up: The Claus Jacobs Network team wants to achieve great things in the hospitality market - with enthusiasm, assertiveness and competence.



CJN - Triangel


The founders developed the triangle for the hospitality industry as a means of visualizing their ideas and concepts. The triangle symbol illustrates at a glance the strengths of the network. 

CJN connects investors, operators, developers, consultants, architects, specialist planners, interior designers, and manufacturers.

Regular meetings at selected locations and accompanying events inspire the participants. Long-term business partnerships are made, while innovative projects are presented, developed, and consequently implemented.

The innovators paved the way for the success of their network with the strong, catchy symbol of the triangle. The musical role of the triangle is to add highlights to an orchestral sound.

Claus Jacobs also creates highlights for the hospitality industry with his exceptional events and network meetings.